Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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White salmon (3)
muru, dʲulʲu
mo-ru dʲuru-ru
only, well, only fat
только это самое, только жир
Story about a bear (3)
ŋolʲu sira, ŋolʲu, ŋolʲu tɔ nɔnda ɛzaØ
ŋoʔ-ru sira ŋoʔ-ru ŋoʔ-ru tɔ nɔnida ɛ-da-Ø
one-RESTR snow one-RESTR one-RESTR that s/he.LOC be(ipfv)-FUT-3SG.S
один-RESTR snow один-RESTR один-RESTR тот s/he.ЛОК быть(ipfv)-ФУТ-3ЕД.S
She will stay with hime one winter, one summer.
Одну зиму, одно, одно лето она с ним будет.
My forefather and his bear cubs (5)
ŋolʲu kan bɔɡulʲakuji, ŋolʲu, ŋolʲu anʲ nɛ bɔɡulʲakuji
ŋoʔ-ru kan bɔɡulʲa-kuji ŋoʔ-ru ŋoʔ-ru anʲ nɛ bɔɡulʲa-kuji
one-RESTR cub bear-POOR one-RESTR one-RESTR and woman bear-POOR
один-RESTR cub bear-POOR один-RESTR один-RESTR and женщина bear-POOR
One male bear cub and one female bear cub.
Один самец-медвежонок, а один-самочка-медвежонок.
Shaman (9)
naararu, naararu te kobaxaz
naara-ru naara-ru te koba-xoz
back:side:of:the:skin-RESTR back:side:of:the:skin-RESTR reindeer skin-ABL.SG
back:side:of:the:skin-RESTR back:side:of:the:skin-RESTR олень шкура-АБЛ.ЕД
one back side of a reindeer skin
одна мездра, одна мездра оленьей шкуры
Mushrooms and berries (3)
a tezari jeʃɔ kudaxaa, tezari tɛni, sɔjeeʔ bazezaʔ
a teza-ru jeʃɔ kudaxaa teza-ru tɛni sɔjeeʔ baze-zaʔ
and now-RESTR also for:a:long:time now-RESTR little just:now grow(pfv)-2PL.NON.SG.OBJ
and сейчас-RESTR тоже for:a:long:time сейчас-RESTR маленький just:now расти(pfv)-2МН.NON.ЕД.ОБ
And now it is too early, now there are a bit, they are only growing.
А сейчас-то еще далеко, сейчас-то мало, только растут.
bazizaʔ is unclear; a comment in Russian follows
Fish and chitchat (3)
no, pubajru ŋolʲu kamikuɔʔ
no pubaj-ru ŋoʔ-ru kamiku-ʔ
well bottle-RESTR one-RESTR understand(ipfv)-3PL.S
хорошо bottle-RESTR один-RESTR understand(ipfv)-3МН.S
Well, they understand only the word 'bottle'.
Ну, они только слово "бутылка" понимают.
How to install a net (1)
dʲer ... dʲaruɔn
dʲe-ru *... dʲa-ru-ɔn
ache(ipfv)-RESTR *** place-RESTR-PROL.SG
ache(ipfv)-RESTR *** место-RESTR-ПРОЛ.ЕД
along it
по длине
dʲer ... dʲaruɔn is completely unclear
Svatovstvo_rad (23)
korseru, korseru ɔburuʔ
korse-ru korse-ru ɔburu-ʔ
which-RESTR which-RESTR thing-PL
который-RESTR который-RESTR вещь-МН
different, different things
всякие, всякие вещи
UbezhavshieOleni (7)
ŋolʲu kɔd
ŋoʔ-ru kɔdo
one-RESTR sledge
один-RESTR нарта
one sledge
одни сани
RodyObrjad (4)
tɔnri ɛunuduʔ
только так они