Forest Enets

The old woman and her dogs

In this short audio recording, an Enets speaker tells the story of a woman who had several dogs. Everyday she cooked meat or fish meals for them but the greedy dogs would fight and one day, one of them bit her on the leg. 

Recording: The text was recorded in Potapovo in 2008 by Andrey Shluinsky. It was transcribed by Sergey Trubetskoy with the help of Ivan Silkin and glossed by Andrey Shluinsky.


  • unknown
    kudaxaaj badun
    kudaxaa-j bɔdu-xon
    for:a:long:time-ADJ tundra-LOC.SG
    for:a:long:time-ПРИЛ тундра-ЛОК.ЕД
    Long ago in tundra
    Давно в тундре
  • unknown
    menʃiku ...
    an old woman
  • unknown
    an old woman
  • unknown
    bunkiza ɔtaɡoʃ pɛʔ nʲiuʔ
    began feeding her dogs.
    свои собак кормить начала.
  • unknown
    bunkiza muz piridumubiØ
    She always cooked food for her dogs.
    Она всегда варила еду для собак.
  • unknown
    piridumbiØ peri, kare piridaØ, ɔza muʔ
    She always cooked, she would cook fish, these from meat
    Она всегда варила, рыбу сварит, от мяса эти
  • unknown
    ɔsa pusuj ɛzaØ, kare pusuj ɛzaØ
    This can be pieces of meat, can be pieces of fish.
    Это могут быть, кусочки мяса, может быть, кусочки рыбы
    Сорокина: пусуй-крошка, крошки
  • unknown
    ŋolʲud dʲedroubiza
    She mixed it all together.
    Вместе она смешивала это.
    Helimski: d'edero--примешать
  • unknown
    ... bunkiza ɔtaɡɔʃ pɛɛØ
    She began feeding her dogs.
    Она начала кормить собак.
    there is one more word in the very beginning, it is unclear
  • unknown
    pɛʔ nʲiuʔ, bunkiʔ tʃike tarakuʔ nʲimʔ
    She began, and these dogs began fighting
    Она начала, а собаки эти подрались
  • unknown
    oomaduʔ ʃer
    while they ate
    пока они ели
  • unknown
    bunikʔ tarudaxad bunikʔ kexon nezaraxabiØ
    While the dogs were fighting, she was standing near the dogs.
    Пока собаки дрались, она стояла возле собак.
  • unknown
    ŋɔxazda kerta bunkiza, ŋɔxazda sɛkrubiza, mense
    To her leg her own dog, dit her to her leg, the old woman.
    За ногу ее же собака, за ногу ее укусила, старуху.
  • unknown
    sɛuɡudɔu mɔzuŋaʃ
    She was lame for a long time.
    Она долго хромала.