Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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NjukiIzKory (1)
like, well
как это самое
SmeshnojSluchaj (1)
ʃuzebitʃuraxa tɔrse, ɛɛ
ʃuzebitʃu-raxa tɔrse ɛɛ
tale-COMP2 such yes
tale-COMP2 such yes
like such a tale, yes
вроде такой сказки, да
A stone with a hole 2 (5)
it's similar to, well
похожа на это самое
Nikolskoe road (1)
koreuraxa dʲez, to dʲez
koreu-raxa dʲez to dʲez
reindeer:pole-COMP2 in:the:direction lake in:the:direction
reindeer:pole-COMP2 in:the:direction озеро in:the:direction
till the one that is similar to the pole, till the lake
до похожего на хорей, до озера
оно все извиленное, привиленно
Worms used as a bait (3)
kɔzlujraxa ŋulʲ taz
kɔzluj-raxa ŋulʲ tazu
earthworm-COMP2 very lamprey
earthworm-COMP2 очень lamprey
Lampreys are precisely like earthworms.
Миноги совсем как черви.
Rats (1)
buduʔ nɔduʔ bɔɡulʲaraxa
buduʔ nɔduʔ bɔɡulʲa-raxa
they they.DAT bear-COMP2
they they.ДАТ bear-COMP2
It's like a bear for them.
Он для них как медведь.
Fish and chitchat (3)
te askuraxa
te asuku-raxa
reindeer excrement-COMP2
олень excrement-COMP2
like reindeer excrement
как оленьи катушки
Mother's idol (3)
tɔrse kuklaraxa
tɔrse kukla-raxa
such doll-COMP2
such doll-COMP2
such like a doll
такой как кукла
Vision (1)
koreuraxa niʔ
koreu-raxa niʔ
Xorej-COMP2 to
Xorej-COMP2 к
To Xorej, it seems.
Вроде бы к хорею.
IstorijaIvanovyh (1)
lɔteraxa sɔʃi
lɔte-raxa sɔʃi
box-COMP2 hill
box-COMP2 холм
the hill like a box
сопка, похожая на ящик