Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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My forefather and his bear cubs (15)
ʃize bɔɡulʲakuji
ʃize bɔɡulʲa-kuji
two bear-POOR
два bear-POOR
two bear cubs
двух медвежат
Moving camps in the past (2)
the late Jurka
Юрка покойный
Ghost (2)
modʲ ɛsekujib, ɛɛkujib
modʲ ɛse-kuji-jʔ ɛɛ-kuji-jʔ
1SG father-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG mother-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG
my late father, my late mother
мой покойный отец, моя покойная мать
Who speaks which languages (3)
dʲisikujijʔ, nɛk dʲisikujijʔ anʲ
dʲisi-kuji-jʔ nɛk dʲisi-kuji-jʔ anʲ
grandfather-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG other grandfather-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG and
дед-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД другой дед-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД and
my grandfather, my another grandfather
мой дедушка, мой другой дедушка
IstorijaIvanovyh (10)
tʃi, dʲisikujib, manʲ, modʲ dʲisikujib
tʃi dʲisi-kuji-jʔ manʲ modʲ dʲisi-kuji-jʔ
here grandfather-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG say 1SG grandfather-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG
здесь дед-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД сказать 1ЕД дед-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД
Well, my late grandfather, say, my grandfather
Вот, мой покойный дед, говорят, мой дед
Along the Yenissey river (1)
ɛɛkujib, ɛɛkujib, ɛsekujib manʔ nʲiuʔ
ɛ-kuji-jʔ ɛ-kuji-jʔ ɛse-kuji-jʔ man-ʔ i-uʔ
be(ipfv)-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG be(ipfv)-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG father-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG say(pfv)-CONNEG NEG-3SG.S.CONTR
быть(ipfv)-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД быть(ipfv)-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД отец-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД сказать(pfv)-КОННЕГ НЕГ-3ЕД.S.CONTR
My mother, my father said
Моя мать, мой отец сказал
Svadba (6)
ɛɛkujinʲʔ, tɛxɛ ɛked ɛɛkujib
ɛɛ-kuji-nʲʔ tɛxɛ ɛke-d ɛɛ-kuji-jʔ
mother-POOR-OBL.SG.1SG there(loc) this-OBL.SG.2SG mother-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG
мать-POOR-ОБЛ.ЕД.1ЕД там(loc) этот-ОБЛ.ЕД.2ЕД мать-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД
our mother, his late mother
наша мать, его покойная мать
Fish and chitchat (2)
ɛsekujinaʔ, dʲisikujinaʔ kare ooŋatʃ
ɛse-kuji-naʔ dʲisi-kuji-naʔ kare oor-atʃ
father-POOR-PL.1PL grandfather-POOR-PL.1PL fish eat(ipfv)-1PL.S/SG.OBJ.PST
отец-POOR-МН.1МН дед-POOR-МН.1МН рыба есть(ipfv)-1МН.S/ЕД.ОБ.ПРОШ
Our fathers, our grandfathers ate fish.
Наши отцы, наши деды рыбу ели.
KakPozvaliZhitjPalchiny (6)
my grandmother
моя бабушка
RodyVTundre (11)
ɛɛkujinʲʔ kasa anʲ, nɛ kasa
ɛɛ-kuji-nʲʔ kasa anʲ nɛ kasa
mother-POOR-OBL.SG.1SG man and woman man
мать-POOR-ОБЛ.ЕД.1ЕД мужчина and женщина мужчина
And my late mother's sister, sister
А моей покойной матери сестра, сестра