Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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Interview_tdnt (17)
majmekuji ɔlʲɡakuji rɔdʲilasʲ vɔ
majme-kuji ɔlʲɡa-kuji *rɔdʲilasʲ vɔ
dead-POOR Olga-POOR *** indeed
dead-POOR Olga-POOR *** indeed
my late Ol'ga was born, so
моя покойная ольга родилась, во
rɔdʲilasʲ is in Russian-rɔdʲilasʲ по-русски
The old woman Ulyana (2)
tʃibakuji, keʃkakuji ɛɛ
tʃiba-kuji keʃka-kuji ɛɛ
Chiba-POOR Keshka-POOR mother
Chiba-POOR Keshka-POOR мать
The mother of the late Chiba and Keshka.
Мать покойных Чиба и Кешка.
Tulle (27)
tʃike ɛsekujijʔ i ʃurkakuji
tʃike ɛse-kuji-jʔ i ʃurka-kuji
this father-POOR-NOM.SG.1SG and Shurka-POOR
этот отец-POOR-NOM.ЕД.1ЕД and Shurka-POOR
My late father and the late Shurka...
Отец покойный и Шурка покойный...
SbezhavshyeZakljuchjonnye (16)
the father
UbilDikogo (1)
tʃike buusekuji bednij teza
tʃike buuse-kuji bednij teza
this old:man-POOR poor now
этот старик-POOR poor сейчас
That poor late old man now
Этот покойный старик бедный теперь
Interview_rad (10)
nʲuʃka ɛsekuji
nʲuʃka ɛse-kuji
Njushka father-POOR
Njushka отец-POOR
Njushka's father
Нюшкин отец
KakZhili_rad (8)
nadʲka ɛsekuji
nadʲka ɛse-kuji
Nad'ka father-POOR
Nad'ka отец-POOR
Nad'ka's father
Надькин отец
Rozhdenija (10)
ɔlʲɡa ɛsekuji
ɔlʲɡa ɛse-kuji
Olga father-POOR
Olga отец-POOR
Olga's father
Ольгин отец
Zhena (3)
tʃike ɔlʲɡa ɛsekuji
tʃike ɔlʲɡa ɛse-kuji
this Olga father-POOR
этот Olga отец-POOR
that Olga's father
этот Ольгин отец
имеется в виду опять Максим Николаевич
Riding on a skin (5)
tʃike kɔdkuji anʲ
tʃike kɔdo-kuji anʲ
this sledge-POOR and
этот нарта-POOR and
this sledge again
эти саночки опять