Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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Search: daraxa. 134 total hits in 63 transcripts.
Djoa (8)
mudaraxaØ, adʲizaraxaØ
mo-daraxa-Ø adʲi-daraxa
PLC-APPR-3SG.S sit(ipfv)-APPR-3SG.S
PLC-АППР-3ЕД.S сидеть(ipfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S
Seems to so to say, seems to sit.
Вроде это, вроде сидит.
Kapkany (1)
ɔbu pɛɛ pɔnʲidaraxaØ
ɔbu pɛɛ pɔnʲir-daraxa
what shoe do(ipfv)-APPR-3SG.S
что shoe делать(ipfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S
as if it wears shoes
как будто у него надеты бокари
SortaRyby (2)
sɛu sɔbreɡ kilɔɡram ɛzaraxaʃ
sɛu sɔbreɡ kilɔɡram ɛ-daraxa
seven five kilogram be(ipfv)-APPR-3SG.S.PST
семь five kilogram быть(ipfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S.ПРОШ
seemed to be fifteen kilogram
пятнадцать килограмм вроде была
It is not clear how 7+5 gives 15
Razgovor_RybalkaNizovjja (1)
ɛu ɛzaraxaØ
ɛu ɛ-daraxa
here(dir) be(ipfv)-APPR-3SG.S
здесь(dir) быть(ipfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S
it seems, here
сюда вроде бы
SluchaiMedvediVolki (5)
ʃiznaʔ mɔditaraxaØ
ʃiznaʔ mɔdis-daraxa
we.ACC see(pfv)-APPR-3SG.S
we.АКК видеть(pfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S
it seemed to see us
он нас, кажется, увидел
How to conserve the cloudberries (3)
kit ɛzaraxaʃ
kitu ɛ-daraxa
sour:berry be(ipfv)-APPR-3SG.S.PST
sour:berry быть(ipfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S.ПРОШ
it seems that (the name) was sour berry
кажется, кислица было (название)
We remained without moss (2)
mɔtuʔ, mɔtuʔ ɛzaraxaʃ
mɔtuʔ mɔtuʔ ɛ-daraxa
six six be(ipfv)-APPR-3SG.S.PST
шесть шесть быть(ipfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S.ПРОШ
Six, it seems there were six.
Шесть, шесть вроде бы было.
в смысле стад
Preparing fish (1)
seems to be ready
готова, кажется
Polar fox (2)
manʲ sɛzor ɛzaraxaØ
manʲ sɛzor ɛ-daraxa
say polar:fox be(ipfv)-APPR-3SG.S
сказать polar:fox быть(ipfv)-АППР-3ЕД.S
it seems, this was a polar fox
вроде бы это было песец
Preparing reindeer meat (2)
It seems, it died.
Вроде бы он издох.