Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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SmeshnojSluchaj (1)
no, moɡaxin tʃik ɔbu
no moɡa-xin tʃike ɔbu
well forest-LOC.PL this what
хорошо лес-ЛОК.МН этот что
well, in forests
ну, в лесах это что
Interview, part 1 (7)
no vɔt, tʃike pɔxin vɔt u
no vɔt tʃike pɔ-xin vɔt u
well here this year-LOC.PL here you(sg)
хорошо здесь этот год-ЛОК.МН здесь ты(sg)
so, these years you
ну вот, в те годы ты
Interview (5)
tɛxɛ pɔxin tɔna
tɛxɛ pɔ-xin tɔna
there(loc) year-LOC.PL still
там(loc) год-ЛОК.МН все:еще
at these years still
в те годы еще
Glutton (2) (2)
dʲɔxɔz tixin
dʲɔxɔzi te-xin
female:reindeer reindeer-LOC.PL
female:reindeer олень-ЛОК.МН
with female reindeer
с важенками
Riding on a skin (1)
tʃiixin tʃi
tʃii-xin tʃi
tooth-LOC.PL here
зуб-ЛОК.МН здесь
by teeth so
зубами вот
Who speaks which languages (3)
vajna, vajna mɔziɡin
vɔjna vɔjna mɔziu-xin
war war presence-LOC.PL
война война presence-ЛОК.МН
the war, during the war
война, во время войны
Interview (2) (8)
a kɔjuxin anʲ teza ɛke
a kɔj-xin anʲ teza ɛke
and hill:ridge-LOC.PL and now this
and hill:ridge-ЛОК.МН and сейчас этот
and again in tunfra now
а в тундре опять сейчас
kOj, kOju-тундра
Interview (3)
kutujxin ɛtɔ, nɔ vasnavnɔm
kutuj-xin ɛtɔ nɔ vasnavnɔm
some-LOC.PL so but mainly
some-ЛОК.МН так но mainly
Sometimes, well, but mainly
Иногда это, но в основном
Elizaveta saw a ghost (1)
texin, texin mɔzaraʔ nʲiuʔ
te-xin te-xin mɔsara-ʔ i-uʔ
reindeer-LOC.PL reindeer-LOC.PL work(ipfv)-CONNEG NEG-3SG.S.CONTR
олень-ЛОК.МН олень-ЛОК.МН работать(ipfv)-КОННЕГ НЕГ-3ЕД.S.CONTR
Well, she worked with reindeer, after all.
Ну, она ведь с оленями работала.
The light reindeer from the north (1)
taxanukuj pɔxin, pɔxin
taxa-nuku-j pɔ-xin pɔ-xin
behind-DIR-ADJ year-LOC.PL year-LOC.PL
in the former years
в прежние года