Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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XodiliVTundru (1)
tʃik poɡulaajʔ, poɡa kunini tʃieØ anʲ, uʒe kertuʔ tɛnezuʔ
tʃike poɡa-r-raa-jʔ poɡa kuna-xon tʃi-Ø anʲ uʒe kere-duʔ tɛne-zuʔ
this fishing:net-MULT-PLACE-NOM.SG.1DU fishing:net where/when-LOC.SG be:installed(ipfv)-3SG.S and already self-OBL.SG.3PL know(ipfv)-3PL.SG.OBJ
этот fishing:net-MULT-PLACE-NOM.ЕД.1ДВ fishing:net где/когда-ЛОК.ЕД be:installed(ipfv)-3ЕД.S and уже сам-ОБЛ.ЕД.3МН know(ipfv)-3МН.ЕД.ОБ
they already know themselves our fishing place where our nets are installed
это наше место рыбалки, где сети стоят, они уже сами знают
Someone took away the boat (1)
tɔju, kerta poɡulaaxada kajibiza
tɔ-ju kere-da poɡa-r-raa-d-da kaji-bi-za
that-RESTR.ADJ self-OBL.SG.3SG fall:into:fishing:net(pfv)-MULT-PLACE-DAT.SG-OBL.SG.3SG leave:behind(pfv)-PRF-3SG.SG.OBJ
тот-RESTR.ПРИЛ сам-ОБЛ.ЕД.3ЕД fall:into:fishing:net(pfv)-MULT-PLACE-ДАТ.ЕД-ОБЛ.ЕД.3ЕД leave:behind(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.ЕД.ОБ
So, he left it in the place he fished himself.
Вон, он ее оставил на том месте, где сам рыбачил.