Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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StarshajaDochj (1)
tʃetaʔ, tʃetaʔ tozkodaØ
tʃetaʔ tʃetaʔ to-dkoda
tomorrow tomorrow come(pfv)-HYP-3SG.S
завтра завтра прийти(pfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S
She will come tomorrow, tomorrow.
Завтра, завтра она приедет.
The two mates (2) (2)
te, te mitkodaØ anʲ
te te mis-dkoda-Ø anʲ
reindeer reindeer give(pfv)-HYP-3SG.S and
олень олень дать(pfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S and
one will give a reindeer, a reindeer
оленя, оленя отдаст
ZolotajaRybka (2)
mu, ɛtɔ, bɔɔ ɛzkodaØ
mo ɛtɔ bɔa ɛ-dkoda
PLC so bad be(ipfv)-HYP-3SG.S
PLC так плохой быть(ipfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S
well, it will be bad
это, плохо будет
Mushrooms and berries (1)
one will get
KakXoronili (3)
people would do
Bear fat (1)
sɔbreɡ tʃubaj ɛzkodaØ, navernɔ
sɔbreɡ tʃubaj ɛ-dkoda-Ø navernɔ
five finger be(ipfv)-HYP-3SG.S most:likely
five finger быть(ipfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S most:likely
It's thickness would be five fingers, probably.
В пять пальцев (толщиной) будет, наверное.
в смысле, такой толщины сало
The light reindeer from the north (1)
te, te nok ɛzkodaØ
te te nok ɛ-dkoda
reindeer reindeer towards be(ipfv)-HYP-3SG.S
олень олень в:направлении быть(ipfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S
It will be like a reindeer.
Он будет похож на оленя.
Snares for partridges (1)
ɛlse ʃe ɛzkodaØ
ɛlse ʃe ɛ-dkoda
such hole be(ipfv)-HYP-3SG.S
such дыра быть(ipfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S
there will be such a hole
будет такая дыра
Repairing the fishing nets (1)
tɔr ɛzkodaØ
tɔr ɛ-dkoda
so be(ipfv)-HYP-3SG.S
так быть(ipfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S
will be so
так будет
Memoirs (7)
mu ɛzakodaØ
mo ɛ-dkoda
PLC be(ipfv)-HYP-3SG.S
PLC быть(ipfv)-HYP-3ЕД.S
there will be, well
это самое будет