The oriole grandson

This folktale tells of an old woman looking for her grandson, whom the king bird turned into an oriole bird as a punishment for killing too many other birds. When she finally finds her grandson, the old woman has to use several tricks to break the spell and make him human again.

Recording: Udihe videos were recorded by Maria Tolskaya, some with participation of Elena Perekhvalskaya, in 2006 in the village Krasnyy Yar and in 2011 in the village Agzu.

Note: Another version of this tale was published in Nikolaeva et al. (2002, text 10)

Image credit: Illustration by Gennadii Pavlishin (1974) from a collection of Udihe folk tales (V. Kialundziuga, “Dva solntsa”. Khabarovsk).