When Yegdige ate an evil spirit

A tale narrating the adventures of Yegdige, a strong hero. As a newborn baby, Yegdige was already unique. He asked his parents for clothes, skis, and weapons and left home to travel into the forest. One day, he meets an evil spirit and eats him. Having become an evil spirit himself as a result, he starts killing fairies until he meets a clever one who removes the evil spirit from him.

Recording: Udihe videos were recorded by Maria Tolskaya, some with participation of Elena Perekhvalskaya, in 2006 in the village Krasnyy Yar and in 2011 in the village Agzu.

Note: Similar motifs are found in Nikolaeva et al. (2003, text 4), Simonov et al. (1998: texts 14, 15, 16, 105) and Schneider (1935a).

Image credit: Illustration by Gennadii Pavlishin (1974) from a collection of Udihe folk tales (V. Kialundziuga, “Dva solntsa”. Khabarovsk).