The bear, the tiger and the man

A traditional folktale about a bear and a tiger who go searching for a two-legged animal, reputed to be the strongest of all. When they find this animal, only the bear is brave enough to fight him. But he pays a heavy price.

Recording: Udihe videos were recorded by Maria Tolskaya, some with participation of Elena Perekhvalskaya, in 2006 in the village Krasnyy Yar and in 2011 in the village Agzu.
Other recordings of this tale are published in Kazama (2004: 394) and Kazama (2004: 400).

Image credit: Illustration by Ivan Dunkay, “Dersu Uzala and Tiger”, Oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, 2005. Source http://dunkay.ru/galereya