The fox with ten tails

A folktale telling the story of a man who is asked to chop off the ten tails of the fox with ten tails, before he can marry the beautiful daughter of the old Kanda. The hero has to be patient and brave in order to succeed.

Recording: All Udihe videos were recorded by Maria Tolskaya, some with participation of Elena Perekhvalskaya, in 2006 in the village Krasnyy Yar and in 2011 in the village Agzu.

Note: Similar motifs are found in Nikolaeva et al. (2003, text 11), Kazama (2004b: 14-15), Simonov et al. (1998, texts 33, 103, 104), and Arsen’ev (1995, text 1).

Image credit: Illustration by Gennadii Pavlishin (1974) from a collection of Udihe folk tales (V. Kialundziuga, “Dva solntsa”. Khabarovsk).