Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

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The fox with ten tails (1)
“maŋmu uli-ni koŋ xe:le-li-gi-mi koŋ xuli-we-i koŋ e-be-mpei koŋ mugdaña-we koŋ e-se-i koŋ ise koŋ oño-ni tege-ni bi-mi koŋ.
Amur river-3SG REFR upper:stream-V-REP-INF REFR run-ACC-1SG REFR this-like-ADJ REFR stump-ACC REFR NEG-EXP-1SG REFR see REFR embroidered-3SG dress-3SG be-INF
Amur river-3ЕД REFR upper:stream-ГЛ-REP-INF REFR бежать-АКК-1ЕД REFR этот-любить-ПРИЛ REFR stump-АКК REFR НЕГ-EXP-1ЕД REFR видеть REFR embroidered-3ЕД платье-3ЕД быть-INF
«I have run everywhere through the upper reaches of the Amur, but haven’t seen such a tree stump in leather and in embroidered gown.
«Бегала я по всему верховью Амура, а такого пня из кожи да в расшитом халате никогда не видала.
In the word "mugdaña", mugda refers to 'stump’ while ña is a non-etymological syllable. The addition of such syllables is especially typical of the chants of fairy tale animals.