Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

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The alder tree girl (1)
ute diane-i kä-tigi kä-tigi eme:-ni belie kä-tigi-ni, ele i:ne-li-we-ni uti umakta-ni wo:nde:-ni bue-tigi-ni uta pič-pič … uta-la bude:-ni uti mafasa.
that say-PRES.PTC close-LAT close-LAT come-PST-3SG fairy close-LAT-3SG nearly reach-INCH-ACC-3SG this egg-3SG throw-PST-3SG he-LAT-3SG that crack-crack.RED that-LOC die.PST-3SG this old:man
тот сказать-PRES.ПРИЧ close-LAT close-LAT прийти-ПРОШ-3ЕД fairy close-LAT-3ЕД nearly достичь-ИНХ-АКК-3ЕД этот egg-3ЕД бросать-ПРОШ-3ЕД he-LAT-3ЕД тот crack-crack.RED тот-ЛОК умереть.ПРОШ-3ЕД этот старик
Saying that he came closer and closer to her. When he came very close, she threw the egg at him, it broke and the old man died.
Говоря так, он все ближе, ближе к бэле подходит, когда он совсем близко подошел, она бросила в него яйцо, оно разбилось, и старик умер.