Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

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An old woman and her tiger cub (10)
"ele bude-mie" {govorit} uti mamaka, "ele bude-zeŋe-i."
soon die-1SG {says} this old:woman soon die-FUT-1SG
soon умереть-1ЕД {says} этот старуха soon умереть-ФУТ-1ЕД
The old woman said: “I will die soon.
"Скоро я умру," - говорит старуха.
Sisam Zauli and the hero (7)
uta zoŋi-gi-e-ni ele bude-li-e-ni {uzhe} ele wa:li-e-ni.
that forget-REP=PST-3SG soon die-INCH-PST-3SG {already} fight-PST-3SG
тот забыть-REP=ПРОШ-3ЕД soon умереть-ИНХ-ПРОШ-3ЕД {уже} fight-ПРОШ-3ЕД
The hero remembered about this, when it looked like he was already about to die.
Он вспомнил, когда уже совсем (казалось) вот-вот умрет.
Yegdige in a silk gown (4)
ele bi-si-ni, tete-ni.
end be-PST-3SG end-3SG
конец быть-ПРОШ-3ЕД конец-3ЕД
That’s all, the end.
Все, конец.
Zabdala, an extraordinary snake (7)
e-si: bu, koŋko-i=de c’a-si:=de, ele bude-i diaŋ-ki-ni, ele bude-i.
NEG-PF.CVB-2SG give beat-PRES.PTC=FOC tickle.PRES.PTC=FOC nearly die-PRES.PTC tell-PST-3SG nearly die-PRES.PTC
НЕГ-ПРФ.КОНВ-2ЕД дать beat-PRES.ПРИЧ=ФОК tickle.PRES.ПРИЧ=ФОК nearly умереть-PRES.ПРИЧ говорить-ПРОШ-3ЕД nearly умереть-PRES.ПРИЧ
Won’t you give it to us? – They started beating and tickling her, she almost died and had to say where the skin was.
Не дашь? - они ее бить, щекочать, она сказала где шкура, чуть не умерла.
A tame roe cub named Wasya (4)
{fevral’} ele omo aŋa-ni ede-li-e-ni.
february soon one year-3SG become-INCH-PST-3SG
february soon один год-3ЕД become-ИНХ-ПРОШ-3ЕД
Next February it was one year old.
В феврале ему год исполнился.
The seven sisters (4)
ŋene-i, ŋene-i, xai ele b’ono-li-e-ni.
go-PRES.PTC go-PRES.PTC again soon catch:up-INCH-PST-3SG
идти-PRES.ПРИЧ идти-PRES.ПРИЧ снова soon catch:up-ИНХ-ПРОШ-3ЕД
They ran and ran, but again she was about to reach them.
Бегут, бегут, опять она стала нагонять.
The iron bird and the silver bird (1)
{a} bue-ni {krichit} “abuga, bude-mi, ele.”
{and} s/he-3SG {cries} father.VOC die-1SG enough
{and} s/he-3ЕД {cries} отец.ВОК умереть-1ЕД досиаточно
It shouted: «Father, I am dying, enough.»
А она кричит: «Отец, умираю, хватит.»
How I tamed a roe cub (5)
ele kasandiga bede ede:-ni bi-se igisi:.
soon puppy like become.PST-3SG be-PF raise.PRES.PTC
soon puppy любить become.ПРОШ-3ЕД быть-ПРФ raise.PRES.ПРИЧ
We were bringing it up and soon it became like a puppy.
Растили, и скоро он стал совсем как щенок.
My newborn son's death (3)
deu-i bede es’e, ja:-i ñifisi-li-ge, ele bude:-ni.
get:tired-PRES.PTC like become.PF eyes-REFL close-INCH-PF just:about die.PST-3SG
устать-PRES.ПРИЧ любить become.ПРФ eyes-РЕФЛ close-ИНХ-ПРФ just:about умереть.ПРОШ-3ЕД
It looked like he was starting to feel tired, and closed his eyes. He was about to die.
Вроде стал уставать, стал глаза закрывать, вот-вот умрёт.
The alder tree girl (3)
ge ña ele bo:no-lisi:-ti aŋi wonde-te-i=ze mele-we.
INTJ again soon catch:up-COND-3PL INDEF throw-PERM-2SG=HORT two:sided:comb-ACC
МЕЖД снова soon catch:up-КОНД-3МН INDEF бросать-PERM-2ЕД=ХОРТ two:sided:comb-АКК
If they are about to reach you again, throw the two-sided comb.
Если опять будут нагонять, ты двусторонний гребень бросай .