Tundra Yukaghir

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Finite story (TY1009) (1)
Kinek ńeːnullək tilifoːnək, taːt l'er pude pulgəč, torońəi köde, pude pulgəirələk alun kereːnui, qomońəi ködeŋiń sespədəγə paidunaːm, ee, tudel buolla əl=mönd'əi.
kin -ə -k ńeː -nu -R(ə)lək telefon.R -lək taːt l'e -r pude pul -GAi -j toro -ń(ə) -j(ə) köde pude pul -GAi -R(ə)lək al -u -n ker -Aː -nu -j qomo -ń(ə) -j(ə) köde -ŋiń sespə -də -γə pai -du -naː -m ee tude -l buolla.Y əl= mönd'ə -(A)j
who -0 -mod.pred call -ipfv -ss.ant.cvb telephone.R -ins so be -ss.circ.cvb outside come.out -intr.punct -intr.3 black -intr -s.ptcp person outside come.out -intr.punct -ss.ant.cvb under -0 -adv.prol go.down -intr.punct -ipfv -intr.3 green/blue -intr -s.ptcp person -dat door -3poss.obl -loc hit -pluract -inch -tr.3 intj 3sg -nom dp.Y neg= awake -pfv(neg.3)
кто -0 -mod.pred звать -ipfv -ss.ant.cvb telephone.R -ins так быть -ss.circ.cvb снаружи прийти.из -intr.punct -intr.3 черный -intr -s.ptcp человек снаружи прийти.из -intr.punct -ss.ant.cvb под -0 -adv.prol идти.down -intr.punct -ipfv -intr.3 green/blue -intr -s.ptcp человек -dat дверь -3poss.obl -loc hit -pluract -inch -tr.3 intj 3sg -nom dp.Y neg= awake -pfv(neg.3)
He called someone on the phone, therefore he went out, the black man, and when he came out he went down and began to knock at the green man's door, oh, and he didn't wake up.