Tundra Yukaghir

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My early life (1)
Uːdək ilelək ewreːnuni, tude ilepulγanə mər=iːreːnunum, nime wal'.
uːdək ile-lək ewrə-nun-j tude ile-pul-γanə mə(r)=iːrə-nun-u-m nime wal'
always domestic:reindeer-INST walk-HAB-INTR.3 3SG domestic:reindeer-PL-ACC EX=tether-HAB-0-TR.3SG house near
всегда domestic:reindeer-INST идти-ХАБ-ИНТР.3 3ЕД domestic:reindeer-МН-АКК EX=tether-ХАБ-0-TR.3ЕД дом near
He was always riding reindeer, he tethered his (riding) reindeer close to his house.
Постоянно на оленях ездил, своих пряговых около дома привязывал.