Tundra Yukaghir

Lexical glosses for Tundra Yukaghir (English)

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Conversation (TY0001) (10)
Ńi=jöːt, ńi=, ńi=, ńi=jöːjiːt.
ńi= jöː -t(ə) ńi= ńi= ńi= jöː -jiː -t(ə)
rec= see -fut(tr.1sg) rec= rec= rec= see -tr -fut(tr.1sg)
rec= видеть -fut(tr.1sg) rec= rec= rec= видеть -tr -fut(tr.1sg)
I will meet, I will organise a meeting.
Встречу его, организую встречу?
Pear story (TY1000) (1)
Taŋ ńi=ńaːčin uːnuŋudəγə tadaː uːčiːnurəŋ qad'ir tudel tuŋ paːd'əd-öːləŋ ičoːnaːmələ.
ta -ŋ ńi= ńaːčin uː -nu -ŋu -dəγə ta -Raː uː -čiː -nu -Rəŋ qad'ir tude -l tu -ŋ paːd'ə -ND öː(ŋ) -lə(ŋ) ičoː -naː -m(ə)lə
dist -attr rec= opposite go -ipfv -3pl -3.ds.cvb dist -adv go -intr.punct -ipfv -ss.sim.cvb ptl 3sg -nom prox -attr female -gen child -pred.fc look -inch -of.3sg
dist -attr rec= opposite идти -ipfv -3pl -3.ds.cvb dist -adv идти -intr.punct -ipfv -ss.sim.cvb ptl 3sg -nom prox -attr female -gen ребенок -pred.fc смотреть -inch -of.3sg
They rode thus towards each other, and then, while he was passing (her), he noticed that girl.