Tundra Yukaghir

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Pear story (TY1004) (1)
Tude pureːγənə [sa] sawγəńd'ə, pureːlə saγusəllək aγoːdəγə jaːd öː pureː leunurəŋ uːčiːŋi.
tude pureː -γənə * sawγə -ń(ə) -j(ə) pureː -lə saγ -u -s(ə) -R(ə)lək oγ -oːl -dəγə jaː -ND öː pureː leg -nu -Rəŋ uː -čiː -ŋi
3sg.gen berry -def.acc * plate -vblz.propr -s.ptcp berry -acc lost -0 -caus -ss.ant.cvb stand -res -3.ds.cvb three -gen child berry eat -ipfv -ss.sim.cvb go -intr.punct -intr.3pl
3sg.gen berry -def.acc * plate -vblz.propr -s.ptcp berry -acc потерянный -0 -caus -ss.ant.cvb стоять -res -3.ds.cvb три -gen ребенок berry есть -ipfv -ss.sim.cvb идти -intr.punct -intr.3pl
After he had lost his berries with the basket (lit. plate), the berries, he stood there, and three children passed by eating berries.