Tundra Yukaghir

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Pear story (TY1004) (1)
Taŋ aptaːnaːdəγə, el'il, kinek, maːrqən gödek uːčič ilelə wegeːrəŋ.
ta -ŋ aptə -naː -dəγə el'il kin -ə -k maːrqə -ND köde -k uː -čiː -j ile -lə weg -eː -Rəŋ
dist -attr collect -inch -3.ds.cvb path who -0 -mod.pred one -gen person -mod.pred go -intr.punct -intr.3 domestic.reindeer -acc lead -tr -ss.sim.cvb
dist -attr collect -inch -3.ds.cvb path кто -0 -mod.pred один -gen человек -mod.pred идти -intr.punct -intr.3 domestic.олень -acc lead -tr -ss.sim.cvb
He began to collect, and the path, erm, a man leading a reindeer passed by.