Tundra Yukaghir

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Conversation between siblings (TY0002) (1)
Taːt tindaː l'e met ilwiːčə dite band'ə~rukun əl=mönd'eːnund'əŋ qarčir.
taːt tide -Raː l'e met ilwiː -jə tite pan -j(ə) ~sukun əl= mönd'ə -nun -jə(ŋ) arči -r
so invis -adv hesit 1sg graze -n like cop -s.ptcp ~nmlz neg= awake -hab -neg.1sg ie -ss.circ.cvb
так invis -adv hesit 1sg graze -n любить cop -s.ptcp ~nmlz neg= awake -hab -neg.1sg ie -ss.circ.cvb
So at that time, working as a reindeer herder, I didn't listen, I just pretended.
Так раньше после долгого рабочего дня, не слушала, делала вид.