Tundra Yukaghir

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Conversation (TY0001) (2)
Anï buollar taŋ lewein-burebəγə [jo], l'e, moːqədəńə l'eː l'eːl'əń, moːqə, moːqə, kösl'ə, əə, umujə...
anï.Y buollar.Y ta -ŋ leweil -ND pure -b(ə) -γə l'e moːqə -dəńə l'eː l'e -l'əl -j moːqə moːqə kösl'ə əə umujə
now.Y dp.Y dist -attr summer -gen above -n -loc hesit broad.whitefish -s.add dp be -ev -intr.3 broad.whitefish broad.whitefish burbot hesit pike
сейчас.Y dp.Y dist -attr лето -gen над -n -loc hesit broad.whitefish -s.add dp быть -ev -intr.3 broad.whitefish broad.whitefish burbot hesit щука
And then, there is, uhm, also whitefish in that place, whitefish, burbot, pike...
Это, в той местности чир тоже есть, чир, налим, щука.