Tundra Yukaghir

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My early life (1)
Orγə jaːd istoː kilomeːtərək, tagi tonol.
orγi jaː-N sto.R kilometer.R-ə-(ə)k ta-gi tono-l
almost three-GEN hundred.R kilometre.R-0-FOC DEM.DIST-3POSS herd-of.1PL
almost три-ГЕН стоянка.R kilometre.R-0-ФОК DEM.DIST-3POSS herd-of.1МН
It is almost three hundred kilometres, that’s the distance over which we drove them.
Чуть ли ни 300 километров мы гнали.
Conversation (TY0001) (1)
Orγə suːt, mannunŋi.
orγi sud.R mon -nun -ŋi
almost court.of.law.R say -hab -intr.3pl
almost court.of.law.R сказать -hab -intr.3pl
Almost court of justice (sc. you'll be brought in front of the court), they used to say.
Чуть суд, говорят.
Conversation between siblings (TY0002) (1)
Taːk, joqod-ile [ew] eul'ə, pašti eul'ə.
tak.R joqol -ND ile eul'ə počti.R eul'ə
so.R Yakut -gen domestic.reindeer not.be(neg.3) almost.R not.be(neg.3)
так.R Yakut -gen domestic.олень не.быть(neg.3) almost.R не.быть(neg.3)
So, there are no horses, almost none.
Просто лошадей нет, почти нет.