Tundra Nenets

Our new life

A little song contrasting the quality of life for Tundra Nenets people under the Russian Tsar to life under Soviet power.

Recording: Tundra Nenets texts were recorded in the settlement Nelmin Nos of the Nenets Autonomous Region in July 2003 by Irina Nikolaeva.

Image credit: Photograph taken in Nelmin Nos in 2003 by Irina Nikolaeva.



  • Pareŋoda_mal´°ŋkəna
    tsar during
    царь во:время
    Under the tsar
  • wæwakow°na yil´e°wac´°,
    badly live.SUBJ.1PL
    плохой жить.СУБ.1МН
    We lived badly.
  • sow´etəna_toqma°dey°
    The Soviet power came,
  • səwarkaw°na yil´elyənac´°.
    well.APPR live.INCH.REFL.1PL
    хорошо.АППР жить.ИНХ.РЕФЛ.1МН
    We started living better.