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The creation of animals (3)
"Tiemi dʒeː minu gọrla, gọrla degendigčin tụːhankattịč ọːrịn", goːnče.
tiemi dʒeː.Y min -W gọr -(dU)LE gọr -(dU)LE deg -E-n -RI -G(E)čIn tụːs -E-n -kEČ -RI -Č ọː -RI -n(I) goːn -čE
therefore ptl.Y 1sg.obl -acc distance -loc distance -loc fly -ep-mult -impf.ptc -sml trot -ep-mult -mult -impf.ptc -ins do -pst -poss.3sg say -pf.ptc
therefore ptl.Y 1sg.obl -acc distance -loc distance -loc летать -ep-mult -impf.ptc -sml trot -ep-mult -mult -impf.ptc -ins делать -pst -poss.3sg сказать -pf.ptc
"That's why he made me able to jump high and far as if I could fly", he said.
- Поэтому меня сделали такой, чтоб я могла высоко и далеко прыгать, - сказала.