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This list of lexical words found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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A conversation about Even culture (105)
Er, er, er.
er er er
prox prox prox
prox prox prox
That is so.
Вот так.
Spirits (11)
Ele, ele.
er-(dU)LE er-(dU)LE
Here, here.
Здесь, здесь.
Cannibal story (97)
Ečin učulič egin, ečin ečin [em] ewedgerečel, ele emedde ečin.
er -čIn učuli -Č egin.Y er -čIn er -čIn em ew -E-D -Gr(E) -čE -L er -(dU)LE eńen -E-D -R(E) er -čIn
prox -adv winding -ins ptl.Y prox -adv prox -adv come go.down -ep-prog -hab -pf.ptc -pl prox -loc mother -ep-prog -nonfut(3pl) prox -adv
prox -adv winding -ins ptl.Y prox -adv prox -adv прийти идти.down -ep-prog -hab -pf.ptc -pl prox -loc мать -ep-prog -nonfut(3pl) prox -adv
They would come down on byways, that's how they would come here.
Ходили на обход.
An Even farce (11)
A bit closer here.
Поближе сюда.
Stories of God and the Devil (19)
er -k
prox -nom
prox -nom
Even taboos and customs (18)
er -(dU)LE
prox -loc
prox -loc
The sacred reindeer (32)
Erek mịaŋčịča, erek ńarị.
er-E-k mịaŋčị-čE er-E-k ńarị-W
PROX-0-NOM wonder-ПРФ.ПРИЧ PROX-0-NOM мужчина-АКК
He was surprised, this man.
Удивился очень этот мужчина.
The sacred reindeer (33)
Erek hattịkaːn emče, erew edʒekeŋi erek ńarịkaːn goːnče:
er -k hattị -KEːn em -čE er -W edʒek -E-ŋ -J er -k ńarị -KEːn goːn -čE
prox -nom reindeer.doe -dim come -pf.ptc prox -acc sacred.reindeer -ep-aln -prfl.sg prox -nom man -dim say -pf.ptc
prox -nom олень.doe -dim прийти -pf.ptc prox -acc sacred.олень -ep-aln -prfl.sg prox -nom мужчина -dim сказать -pf.ptc
That reindeer doe appeared, and that man told his sacred reindeer:
Появилась важенка, и этот мужчина говорит своему оленю:
Chat about an Evenki film (16)
"Maːn, er, er nasụqawram [nen] nendekeːčeːmi."
maː -n(I) er er nas -E-k -E-W -R(E) -m nendekeː -KEːn -J
kill -3sg prox prox tear -ep-nom -ep-advrs -nonfut -1sg tunic -dim -prfl.sg
убить -3sg prox prox рвать -ep-nom -ep-advrs -nonfut -1sg tunic -dim -prfl.sg
"He hurt me, there, he tore my tunic!"
Вот, порванная рубаха!
Bear story (23)
Hoːnteldule biče bidʒin, emie er ergideli.
hoːnte -L -(dU)LE bi -čE bi -DʒI -n(I) emie.Y er er -gIdE -(dU)LI
other -pl -loc be -pf.ptc be -fut -3sg again.Y prox prox -nr -prol
другой -pl -loc быть -pf.ptc быть -fut -3sg снова.Y prox prox -nr -prol
Other people probably have it, in these parts, too.
Есть наверное такой праздник у других, и в этой стороне.