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Pear story (4) (3)
Gụrgụlịqaːqaːn, taraq, ọran urečinni gụrgụlịqaːqaːn, esni-de ọran urečin bis.
gụrgụlị -kEːkEːn tar -k ọran urečin -n(I) gụrgụlị -kEːkEːn e -R(E) -n(I) =dE ọran urečin bi -R(E)
bearded -dim dist -nom reindeer similar -poss.3sg bearded -dim neg -neg.cvb -3sg =ptl reindeer similar be -neg.cvb
bearded -dim dist -nom олень similar -poss.3sg bearded -dim neg -neg.cvb -3sg =ptl олень similar быть -neg.cvb
With a beard, that, an animal with a beard, similar to reindeer, and also not similar to reindeer.
С бородкой, похож на оленя с бородой, и не похож на оленя.
Tompo in Soviet times (7)
"Emi, emi ụtụlda taraw kojeːčelde, erew teŋkew."
e -mI e -mI ụtal -R(E) tar -W kojeː -Č -(LI)lrE er -W teŋke -W
neg -cond.cvb neg -cond.cvb understand -neg.cvb dist -acc look -res -imp.2pl prox -acc dense.forest -acc
neg -cond.cvb neg -cond.cvb understand -neg.cvb dist -acc смотреть -res -imp.2pl prox -acc dense.лес -acc
"If you don't believe this, take a look at it, at that forest, for yourselves."
«Если не верите посмотрите сами». /«Идите осмотрите этот лес».
Pear story (5) (4)
Ịaw-da enikeːn goːn horre.
ịa -W =dE e -nIkEːn goːn hor -R(E)
what -acc =ptl neg -sim.cvb say(neg.cvb) go.away -nonfut(3pl)
что -acc =ptl neg -sim.cvb сказать(neg.cvb) идти.прочь -nonfut(3pl)
They said nothing and left.
Black force and White force (9)
"Etem ee, etem, etem; ịadaːj biː hindu dabdadʒịm?"
e -DʒI -m ee e -DʒI -m e -DʒI -m ịa -DEː -J biː hin -DU dabda -DʒI -m
neg -fut -1sg intj neg -fut -1sg neg -fut -1sg what -purp.cvb -prfl.sg 1sg 2sg.obl -dat loose -fut -1sg
neg -fut -1sg intj neg -fut -1sg neg -fut -1sg что -purp.cvb -prfl.sg 1sg 2sg.obl -dat loose -fut -1sg
"Oh no, I won't - why should I be defeated by you?
- Нет, нет, не буду, я не поддамся тебе (ты меня не победишь).
The creation of animals (16)
Ee, tar goːnče: "Awụhkị-da ekič ńọːn."
ee tar goːn -čE aw -skI =dE e -kIT ńọːn
intj dist say -pf.ptc which -all.adv =ptl neg -nr flee(neg.cvb)
intj dist сказать -pf.ptc который -весь.adv =ptl neg -nr flee(neg.cvb)
Then he said: "It isn't possible to escape anywhere."
- Никуда не возможно убежать.
Pear story (3) (1)
Abụgadị beletten, tar ịač-kana, vilasipeːt muttule atča, vilasipeːdač ebit dʒugučidden [ka] karzịːna, karzịːnadụk, abụgaj tepkuduŋgen.
abaga -DI bel -E-Č -R(E) -n(I) tar ịa -Č =kEnE velosiped.R mut -(dU)LE aːtča velosiped.R -E-Č ebit.Y dʒugu -Č -E-D -R(E) -n(I) korzina.R korzina.R -DUk(U) abaga -J tepkudu -ŋ -GE -n(I)
grandfather -dat.prfl.sg help -ep-res -nonfut -3sg dist what -ins =contr bycicle.R 1pl.in -loc neg.ex bycicle.R -ep-ins evid.Y transport -res -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg basket basket -abl grandfather -prfl.sg container -aln -desig -poss.3sg
дед -dat.prfl.sg помогать -ep-res -nonfut -3sg dist что -ins =contr bycicle.R 1pl.в -loc neg.ex bycicle.R -ep-ins evid.Y transport -res -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg basket basket -abl дед -prfl.sg container -aln -desig -poss.3sg
He is helping the old man, and, how should I say it, we have no bicycles - he is transporting with his bicycle his grandfather's container for him from the basket.