Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

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Cannibal story (141)
Tar, tara.
tar tar
dist dist
dist dist
That's it.
A conversation about Even culture (171)
Tar, tar dʒụ(g)anị.
tar tar dʒụganị
dist dist summer
dist dist лето
That, 'dʒụganị' (summer)
Это, лето.
Biblical stories (109)
Tarịč tar.
tar -E-Č tar
dist -ep-ins dist
dist -ep-ins dist
Even ghost stories (27)
Even taboos and customs (40)
Tar [...]
That [...]
Chat about an Evenki film (48)
Tar haːńịn-nen tawụr tadụk hebgenni, tala
tar haːńịn =nEn tar -WUr tar -DUk(U) hebgen -n(I) tar -(dU)LE
dist smoke =ptl dist -prfl.pl dist -abl emit.smoke -3sg(nonfut) dist -loc
dist smoke =ptl dist -prfl.pl dist -abl emit.smoke -3sg(nonfut) dist -loc
And smoke was raising from there.
Из чума шёл дым.
Bear story (46)
Tar tačịn biče.
tar tar -čIn bi -čE
dist dist -adv be -pf.ptc
dist dist -adv быть -pf.ptc
And she lived like that.
Так и жила.
Stories of God and the Devil (22)
tar -čIn
dist -adv
dist -adv
That's all.
Pear story (2) (14)
Dʒeː tar.
dʒe.Y tar
ptl.Y dist
ptl.Y dist
So, that's it.
Tompo in Soviet times (70)
Tarịč tar, tarak kadaːr, uŋet, Guluŋkeːn gerben.
tar -E-Č tar tar -k kadaːr uŋ -E-Č Guluŋkeːn gerbe -E-n(I)
dist -ep-ins dist dist -nom rock hesit -ep-ins Gulunken Guluŋken call -ep-poss.3sg
dist -ep-ins dist dist -nom камень hesit -ep-ins Gulunken Guluŋken звать -ep-poss.3sg
Since then that rock has been called, uhm, Gulunken.
С тех пор стали называть Гулункэн.