Suffix glosses for Even (English)

This list of suffix glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

A list of of abbreviations used for the English glosses found in the texts is accessible from the help menu.

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The sacred reindeer (5)
Ńịmkam ukčendeku oːhirep oːhirep biː abaganịlbụ ukčeːnemkiwutne.
ńịmkan-W ukčen-DE-W oːsi-rEp oːsi-rEp biː abaga-SEl-W ukčen-E-mkI-W-tEn
tale-ACC tell-PURP.CVB-POSS.1SG ancient-TEMP ancient-TEMP 1SG grandfather-PL-POSS.1SG tell-0-N-ACC-POSS.3PL
tale-АКК говорить-ПУРП.КОНВ-ПОСС.1ЕД стыринный-TEMP стыринный-TEMP 1ЕД дед-МН-ПОСС.1ЕД говорить-0-N-АКК-ПОСС.3МН
Let me tell you a story which my ancestors used to tell a long long time ago.
Расскажу сказку, которую давным-давно рассказывали мои дедушки.
The raven and the crow (1)
Mangịr bimi taraptụk adịkụn hutelken biče, ọːdị ọːča.
mangịr bi-mI tar-rEp-DUk(U) adị-kUN hute-E-lkEn bi-čE ọː-RI ọː-čE
raven be-COND.CVB DIST-TEMP.N-ABL how:much-ADJ child-0-PROPR be-PF.PTC become-IMPF.PTC become-PF.PTC
raven быть-КОНД.КОНВ DIST-TEMP.N-АБЛ сколько-ПРИЛ ребенок-0-ПРОПР быть-ПРФ.ПРИЧ become-ИМПФ.ПРИЧ become-ПРФ.ПРИЧ
After that time, the raven had a couple of children, it began to do so.
С тех пор у воронa стало несколько детей.
A lighthearted exchange (1)
Ọːk ụrọːk ọːčaraptụkụn mụdakannị ńụːčịdịlị-da, ńụːčịdịlị...
ọːk urok.R ọː-čE-rEp-DUk(U)-N(I) mụdak-kEn-N(I) ńụːčịdị-LI=dE ńụːčịdị-LI
when lesson.R become-PF.PTC-TEMP.N-ABL-POSS.3SG finish-TRM.CVB-POSS.3SG speak.Russian-IMP.2SG=DP speak.Russian-IMP.2SG
когда lesson.R become-ПРФ.ПРИЧ-TEMP.N-АБЛ-ПОСС.3ЕД закончить-TRM.КОНВ-ПОСС.3ЕД говорить.русский-ИМП.2ЕД=DP говорить.русский-ИМП.2ЕД
From the beginning of the lesson till the end, it is only in Russian...
С начала урока и до конца по-русски да по-русски...