Suffix glosses for Even (English)

This list of suffix glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

A list of of abbreviations used for the English glosses found in the texts is accessible from the help menu.

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Glove and love (3)
Hurkeːn nehiːle dalbụladʒaːnnan, dalbụladʒaːnnan.
hurkeːn nehiːle.Y dalba-L-E-dʒEːn-R(E)-N(I) dalba-L-E-dʒEːn-R(E)-N(I)
young:man hardly.Y approach-INCH-0-DUR-NONFUT-3SG approach-INCH-0-DUR-NONFUT-3SG
young:man hardly.Y approach-ИНХ-0-ДУБ-NONFUT-3ЕД approach-ИНХ-0-ДУБ-NONFUT-3ЕД
And the youngster began to get closer and closer.
Парень подошел поближе, приблизился, приблизился.
An Even farce (1)
Diːwukeg-e-ŋoj ụːldadʒaːnnam, oj!
diːwukeg(E)(ŋoj) hụːlda-dʒEːn-R(E)-m oj
birch:grove ski-DUR-NONFUT-1SG INTJ
birch:grove ski-ДУБ-NONFUT-1ЕД МЕЖД
I go skiing through the birch grove, oj!
По березнику на лыжах я иду, ой!
Spirits (3)
Tarịč er degenedʒeːndʒin, goːnni.
tar-E-Č er deg-E-N-E-dʒEːn-DʒI-N(I) goːn-N(I)
DIST-0-INS PROX летать-0-MULT-0-ДУБ-ФУТ-3ЕД сказать-3ЕД
"Later it will be flying around", he said.
"Потом вот будет летать",-сказал.