Suffix glosses for Even (English)

This list of suffix glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Spirits (3)
Tarak tar ọrapčị bej.
tar-k tarak ọran-pčVn bej
DIST-NOM DIST reindeer-ADJ man
DIST-NOM DIST олень-ПРИЛ мужчина
That's (what you do) when a man rich in reindeer (dies).
Это бывает, когда (умрет) человек, богатый оленями.
A lighthearted exchange (1)
Ịak gerbew ńụčịdị? Natal'a Mihajlowna, edʒi emgerer, torut edʒi emgerer!
ịak gerbe-W ńụča-DI Natalja Mihajlovna e-LI em-Gr(E)-R törüt.Y e-LI em-Gr(E)-R
what name-ACC Russian-ADJ Natalia Mihajlovna NEG-IMP.2SG come-HAB-NEG.CVB quite.Y NEG-IMP.2SG come-HAB-NEG.CVB
что name-АКК русский-ПРИЛ Natalia Mihajlovna НЕГ-ИМП.2ЕД прийти-ХАБ-НЕГ.КОНВ quite.Y НЕГ-ИМП.2ЕД прийти-ХАБ-НЕГ.КОНВ
And why do you speak Russian all the time, then? Natalia Mikhajlovna, don't come, don't come at all!
А почему все время по-русски говорите? Наталья Михайловна, не приходи, вообще не приходи!
The raven and the crow (1)
Mangịr bimi taraptụk adịkụn hutelken biče, ọːdị ọːča.
mangịr bi-mI tar-rEp-DUk(U) adị-kUN hute-E-lkEn bi-čE ọː-RI ọː-čE
raven be-COND.CVB DIST-TEMP.N-ABL how:much-ADJ child-0-PROPR be-PF.PTC become-IMPF.PTC become-PF.PTC
raven быть-КОНД.КОНВ DIST-TEMP.N-АБЛ сколько-ПРИЛ ребенок-0-ПРОПР быть-ПРФ.ПРИЧ become-ИМПФ.ПРИЧ become-ПРФ.ПРИЧ
After that time, the raven had a couple of children, it began to do so.
С тех пор у воронa стало несколько детей.