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Glove and love (1)
Dʒe, čụːkačan metun tawar.
dʒe.Y čụːkačan metu-N(I) tar-WUr
There, the bird showed it (to me).
Все птичка подсказала, вот.
Biblical stories (1)
Tetučelen dʒe, nannagan tetučelen dʒe mutuče.
tet -U -čE -(dU)LE -n(I) dʒe.Y nanra -GE -n(I) tet -U -čE -(dU)LE -n(I) dʒe.Y metu -čE
wear -tr -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg ptl.Y fur -desig -poss.3sg wear -tr -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg ptl.Y inform -pf.ptc
носить -tr -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg ptl.Y мех -desig -poss.3sg носить -tr -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg ptl.Y inform -pf.ptc
When he (Satan) put it on, when he put his fur on him (the dog) again, he said (everything).
А когда снова Сатана надел шубу собаке, она призналася.
The creation of animals (1)
[egre] Ọːkarap ọːpčal bihep bọlla, ọlịhịn tar ọːptịdʒụr metučesčireket-de,
* ọːk -E-rEp ọː -B -čE -L bi -R(E) -p buolla.Y ol_ihin.Y tar ọː -B -RIdʒI -L metu -Č -E-sčI -REk -E-t(I) =dE
* when -ep-temp.nr do -med -pf.ptc -pl be -nonfut -1pl.in ptl.Y therefore.Y dist do -med -ant.cvb -pl warn -res -ep-conat -cond.cvb -ep-poss.1pl.in =ptl
* когда -ep-temp.nr делать -med -pf.ptc -pl быть -nonfut -1pl.в ptl.Y therefore.Y dist делать -med -ant.cvb -pl warn -res -ep-conat -cond.cvb -ep-poss.1pl.в =ptl
"At that time we were made, and then, after we were made, when we tried to complain to him, ..."
Это когда он нас такими сделал, мы хотели его предупредить.