Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Pear story (5) (1)
Baqrịtan, [ọmọskị] amaskị ńaːn mụčụrịdʒị kiekesnidʒi eːririn.
bak -RI -tEn amar -skI ńaːn mụčụ -RIdʒI kieken -s(E)n -RIdʒI eːri -RI -n(I)
find -pst -poss.3pl back.side -all.adv also return -ant.cvb whistle -lim -ant.cvb call -impf.ptc -poss.3sg
найти -pst -poss.3pl назад.сторона -весь.adv тоже вернуться -ant.cvb whistle -lim -ant.cvb звать -impf.ptc -poss.3sg
They found it, and he (sc. one of the boys) went back, whistled and called him.
Cannibal story (1)
Goːnče: "Ịak-kụl, bej egdʒen-de egdʒen, bejemejeːl arbajńa ńuːritelkeːhel, dʒoːr bej", goːnče, "kiːkenikeːn biweːčidde."
goːn -čE ịa -k =WUl bej egdʒen =dE egdʒen bej -E-mejeː -L arbaj.Y -ńE ńuːrit -E-lkEːn -SEl dʒoːr bej goːn -čE kieken -nIkEːn bi -WEːČ -E-D -R(E)
say -pf.ptc what -nom =indef man big =ptl big man -ep-derog -pl be.messy -adjr hair -ep-prop -pl two man say -pf.ptc whistle -sim.cvb be -gnr -ep-prog -nonfut(3pl)
сказать -pf.ptc что -nom =indef мужчина большой =ptl большой мужчина -ep-derog -pl быть.messy -adjr hair -ep-prop -pl два мужчина сказать -pf.ptc whistle -sim.cvb быть -gnr -ep-prog -nonfut(3pl)
She said: "Something, giant ugly men there, with messy hair, two men", she said, "are standing there and whistling."
Говорит: - Там два человека стоят такие огромные, с распущенными длинными волосами и посвистывая смеются.