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Cannibal story (1)
"Tačịn ergiːddidʒi, tačịn ịadụ kuruldeddidʒi, kuruldeddidʒi", goːnni, "anị, ọhọːktakị horridʒi tala ile-gul", goːnni, "ọhọːk čịːdalan", goːnni, "beriptin", goːnni.
tar -čIn ergij.Y -D -RIdʒI tar -čIn ịa -DU kurelde -D -RIdʒI kurelde -D -RIdʒI goːn -n(I) anï.Y ohokh.Y -t(E)kI hor -RIdʒI tar -(dU)LE ir -(dU)LE =WUl goːn -n(I) ohokh.Y čaːg -dE -(dU)LE -n(I) goːn -n(I) beri -B -RI -n(I) goːn -n(I)
dist -adv circle.Y -prog -ant.cvb dist -adv what -dat whirl -prog -ant.cvb whirl -prog -ant.cvb say -3sg now.Y oven.Y -all go.away -ant.cvb dist -loc which -loc =indef say -3sg oven.Y behind -nr -loc -poss.3sg say -3sg lose -med -pst -poss.3sg say -3sg
dist -adv circle.Y -prog -ant.cvb dist -adv что -dat whirl -prog -ant.cvb whirl -prog -ant.cvb сказать -3sg сейчас.Y oven.Y -весь идти.прочь -ant.cvb dist -loc который -loc =indef сказать -3sg oven.Y за -nr -loc -poss.3sg сказать -3sg потерять -med -pst -poss.3sg сказать -3sg
He was thus circling, he was whirling there, whirling, she said, and then, he went to the oven somewhere, he disappeared behind the oven, she said.
Он бегал, бегал и пропал у печки.