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Bear story (3)
"Ger, biː moːwụ moːledeːku, ọːk moːleddis?", goːnče.
ger biː moː -W moːle -DEː -W ọːk moːle -D -RI -s(I) goːn -čE
adhor 1sg water -acc fetch.water -purp.cvb -poss.1sg when fetch.water -prog -pst -poss.2sg say -pf.ptc
adhor 1sg вода -acc принести.вода -purp.cvb -poss.1sg когда принести.вода -prog -pst -poss.2sg сказать -pf.ptc
"Come, I'm going to go fetch water, when did you last fetch water?", she said.
- Я пошла за водой, когда последний раз воду таскала, сказала.
Black force and White force (4)
"Egdʒen moː moː deremken, čolho ọːdịdʒị eːjendʒim. Etem hịːkụr hiː goːnikeːn", goːnče.
egdʒen moː moː deremke -n(I) čolho ọː -RIdʒI eːje -n -DʒI -m e -DʒI -m hịːk -W -R(E) hiː goːn -nIkEːn goːn -čE
big water water rest -3sg wave become -ant.cvb flow -mult -fut -1sg neg -fut -1sg tumble -advrs -neg.c2sg say -sim.cvb b say -pf.ptc
большой вода вода rest -3sg wave become -ant.cvb flow -mult -fut -1sg neg -fut -1sg tumble -advrs -neg.c2sg сказать -sim.cvb b сказать -pf.ptc
"When big water subsides, I will turn into a wave and flow away. I (sc. as a wave) will not be churned up by you", - he said.
- Превратившись в большую волну, поплыву.
Cannibal story (1)
Hịakịta-da bili, ịak-ta mọː-da bili, moː-de bili.
hịakịta =dE bi -LI ịa -k =dE mọː =dE bi -LI moː =dE bi -LI
tree =ptl be -imp.2sg what -nom =ptl wood =ptl be -imp.2sg water =ptl be -imp.2sg
дерево =ptl быть -imp.2sg что -nom =ptl wood =ptl быть -imp.2sg вода =ptl быть -imp.2sg
It is (so) with trees, with wood, with water./// - Be it trees, be it wood, be it water.
У деревьев, у палки, у воды есть душа и мысли.
Tompo in Soviet times (3)
"Erek teŋke butunni moː gatlan, tụkar, tụkar araːhnaj butunni dehčin ehni."
er -k teŋke büttüːn.Y -n(I) moː ga -tlE -n(I) tụkar tụkar araːhïnaj.Y büttüːn.Y -n(I) desči -n(I) e -R(E) -n(I)
prox -nom dense.forest all.Y -poss.3sg water take -nr -poss.3sg rubbish rubbish different.Y all.Y -poss.3sg lie -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg
prox -nom dense.лес весь.Y -poss.3sg вода взять -nr -poss.3sg мусор мусор different.Y весь.Y -poss.3sg лежать -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg
"That dense forest (on the river bank), flooded all the time, lies there (as you know) all (covered) with various rubbish."
«Вот лес выросший на берегу, заливаемой во время наводнений, посмотрите вся в соринках, в мусоре»./ «Этот лес затопляет водой, везде валяются сучья и разное».
The creation of animals (2)
"Ńaːn ereger moː herdedun bideːku bụọllaːna gedemeklewu dʒoːr bụrkatụ neːdin."
ńaːn ereger moː her -dE -DU -n(I) bi -DEː -W buollaγïna.Y gedemek -(dU)LE -W dʒoːr bụrkat -W neː -RI -n(I)
also always water down -nr -dat -poss.3sg be -purp.cvb -poss.1sg ptl.Y occiput -loc -poss.1sg two flint -acc put -pst -poss.3sg
тоже всегда вода down -nr -dat -poss.3sg быть -purp.cvb -poss.1sg ptl.Y occiput -loc -poss.1sg два flint -acc положить -pst -poss.3sg
"And in order to keep me under the water, he put two pieces of quartz on the back of my head."
- И чтоб всегда под водой был, мне под затылок положил два кварца.
Biblical stories (2)
Tar [...] tar bimi dʒebemen ọːdọkọn tar daːlịla bisin, moː-de, ịak-ta, beketkeːmen dalča, omen-de aːtča ọːdaːn, toːr ọːkan.
tar tar bi -mI dʒebem -E-n(I) ọː -REk -E-n(I) tar daːlị -(dU)LE bi -RI -n(I) moː =dE ịa -k =dE bekeč -KEːn -W -E-n(I) dal -čE omen =dE aːtča ọː -DEː -n(I) toːr ọː -kEn
dist dist be -cond.cvb hunger -ep-poss.3sg become -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg dist proximity -loc be -pst -poss.3sg water =ptl what -nom =ptl all -dim -acc -ep-poss.3sg lick -pf.ptc one =ptl neg.ex do -purp.cvb -poss.3sg earth become -trm.cvb
dist dist быть -cond.cvb hunger -ep-poss.3sg become -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg dist proximity -loc быть -pst -poss.3sg вода =ptl что -nom =ptl весь -dim -acc -ep-poss.3sg lick -pf.ptc один =ptl neg.ex делать -purp.cvb -poss.3sg earth become -trm.cvb
So [...] he got hungry and licked up everything that was around, also water and everything, so as to leave nothing, till everything was just (dry) earth.
И слизал все то, что было на земле и дрова, и воду.