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Biblical stories (1)
Nemkulennen erek, ịak-kana, tiwomi tar ojle degelendi nemkullen, ọːn eten haːjụpta, manụn.
nemkun -L -E-n -R(E) -n(I) er -k ịa -k =kEnE tiemi tar oj -(dU)LE deg -E-L -E-n -RI nemkun -L -R(E) -n(I) ọːn e -DʒI -n(I) haːjụ -B -R(E) man -U -n(I)
thin -inch -ep-mult -nonfut -3sg prox -nom what -nom =contr therefore dist top -loc fly -ep-inch -ep-mult -impf.ptc thin -inch -nonfut -3sg how neg -fut -3sg break -med -neg.cvb spend -intr -3sg(nonfut)
тонкий -inch -ep-mult -nonfut -3sg prox -nom что -nom =contr therefore dist top -loc летать -ep-inch -ep-mult -impf.ptc тонкий -inch -nonfut -3sg как neg -fut -3sg break -med -neg.cvb провести -intr -3sg(nonfut)
It (sc. the air) is growing thinner and thinner, erm, therefore those (sc. planes) that fly high, it grew thin, and sure they break down, it is spent.
Он становится все меньше, и поэтому самолеты летают и не падают.