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Biblical stories (1)
Anï tar ịaw-kana, [čs], ńịmkaːndụ-da ịadụ-da erken, erkelkeːn biče bej.
anï.Y tar ịa -W =kEnE ńịmkaːn -DU =dE ịa -DU =dE erken erken -lkEːn bi -čE bej
now.Y dist what -acc =contr tale -dat =ptl what -dat =ptl talisman talisman -prop be -pf.ptc man
сейчас.Y dist что -acc =contr tale -dat =ptl что -dat =ptl talisman talisman -prop быть -pf.ptc мужчина
There, humans were like people in fairy tales or something with a talisman.
Как сказка он мог жить в течении стольких лет.