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A conversation about Even culture (1)
Muttule họːja ehni [...] [toːn toːnŋe] toːnŋekič, họːja (e)hni "erew edʒi nekte", "tačịn edʒi ịar", "ečin edʒi goːne".
mut -(dU)LE họːja e -R(E) -n(I) toːnŋekič họːja e -R(E) -n(I) er -W e -LI nek -R(E) tar -čIn e -LI ịa -R(E) er -čIn e -LI goːn -R(E)
1pl.in -loc many neg -nonfut -3sg taboo many neg -nonfut -3sg prox -acc neg -imp.2sg do -neg.cvb dist -adv neg -imp.2sg what -neg.cvb prox -adv neg -imp.2sg say -neg.cvb
1pl.в -loc много neg -nonfut -3sg taboo много neg -nonfut -3sg prox -acc neg -imp.2sg делать -neg.cvb dist -adv neg -imp.2sg что -neg.cvb prox -adv neg -imp.2sg сказать -neg.cvb
We have many [missing one word] taboos, many of those like "don't do this", "don't act that way", "don't talk like that".
У нас много запретов, "это не делай", "этим не занимайся", "так не говори".