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A conversation about Even culture (1)
[họtar] er, əə, ulicele iː-nen [kọr], ewudiw haːrịl ahịl [iːn] biweːtte iː, ńaːn ńụːčịdịč-ka ukčeːnmetčir, ewun ewuńun.
* er əə ulica.R -(dU)LE iː =nEn ewen -DI -W haː -RI -L asị -L bi -WEːČ -R(E) iː ńaːn ńụːčị -E-D -E-Č =kkE ukčeːn -mEČ -DʒI -r ewen ewen -ńUn
* prox hesit street.R -loc ptl =ptl Even -adjr -acc know -impf.ptc -pl woman -pl be -gnr -nonfut(3pl) ptl also Russian -ep-prog -ep-ins =emph tell -rec -fut -intr.nonmult Even Even -com
* prox hesit street.R -loc ptl =ptl Even -adjr -acc know -impf.ptc -pl женщина -pl быть -gnr -nonfut(3pl) ptl тоже русский -ep-prog -ep-ins =emph говорить -rec -fut -intr.nonmult Even Even -com
Outside, women who know Even go around and speak Russian to each other, an Even to Even.
По улице идут женщины, которые хорошо знают эвенский язык, а говорят по русски.