Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (2)
Erek, alịkụ neːkčiŋke, əə, miestewen goːnendi, da? - Čọːŋaːl.
er -k alịk -W neːkči -ŋkE əə mesto.R -W -E-n(I) goːn -R(E) -nrI da.R - čọːŋaːl
prox -nom dish -acc store -nr hesit place.R -acc -ep-poss.3sg say -nonfut -2sg yes.R - place.for.dishes.in.yurt
prox -nom dish -acc store -nr hesit место.R -acc -ep-poss.3sg сказать -nonfut -2sg yes.R - место.for.dishes.в.чум
You are asking about the place where dishes are stored, right? - It's 'čọːŋaːl'.
Место, где хранят посуду спрашиваешь? Чонал.
Even taboos and customs (2)
Dʒulle akan noːčel ińennen, ŋọnam biče, ehep kahaːngarar, ee, tar [ama], taraŋač, tarak ineŋič bihep.
dʒul -(dU)LE akan noː -čEl ińen -R(E) -n(I) ŋọnam bi -čE e -R(E) -p khahaːn.Y -Gr(E) -R(E) ee tar tar -E-ŋ -E-Č tar -k ineŋ -E-Č bi -R(E) -p
front.side -loc older.brother younger.silbing -com.rel laugh -nonfut -3sg long be -pf.ptc neg -nonfut -1pl.in store.Y -hab -neg.cvb intj dist dist -ep-aln -ep-ins dist -nom day -ep-ins be -nonfut -1pl.in
перед.сторона -loc older.брат younger.silbing -com.rel смеяться -nonfut -3sg длинный быть -pf.ptc neg -nonfut -1pl.в store.Y -hab -neg.cvb intj dist dist -ep-aln -ep-ins dist -nom день -ep-ins быть -nonfut -1pl.в
Before, my older brother and (me) younger sister laughed, it was too long (the story), we didn't pay attention, and thus we live like that to this day.
С начала брат выгнал, мы были брат и сестра, поэитому мы не обращали на это внимание, этим днем и живем так.