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Cannibal story (2)
Tačịn nabgannị bụọlla dʒụganịw kọŋdah, tačịn bihin.
tačịn nabgan -n(I) buolla.Y dʒụganị -W kọŋdas tar -čIn bi -RI -n(I)
so stick.to -3sg ptl.Y summer -acc crosswise dist -adv be -pst -poss.3sg
так больной.к -3sg ptl.Y лето -acc crosswise dist -adv быть -pst -poss.3sg
It would stick like that during the summer, that's how it was.
Stories of God and the Devil (1)
Tar ŋịnị ịarịdʒịjị-kana, bụllịdʒịjị, taːm, hịatat-kụ ịat-kụ họgdʒịn huːrelin.
tar ŋịn -J ịa -RIdʒI =kEnE bul.Y -RIdʒI tam.R hịat -E-Č =GU ịa -Č =GU họgdʒị -n(I) huːre -(dU)LI -n(I)
dist dog -prfl.sg what -ant.cvb =contr find.Y -ant.cvb there.R stick -ep-ins =q what -ins =q tail -poss.3sg peak -prol -poss.3sg
dist собака -prfl.sg что -ant.cvb =contr найти.Y -ant.cvb там.R больной -ep-ins =q что -ins =q tail -poss.3sg peak -prol -poss.3sg
And God, his dog, he, erm, found (sc. a stick) and (sc. hit his dog) with a stick or something on the top of his tail.
Even taboos and customs (1)
Ebeter ečin dọlbị tinitčin, ebeter iːweldečeːm dʒọldụdʒịn, horčew tar, horennew [...] ịadʒịlnịkaːn.
ebeter.Y er -čIn dọlba tini -Č -DʒI -n(I) ebeter.Y iːwelde -KEːn -W dʒọlda -DʒI -n(I) hor -čE -W tar hor -E-nnE -W ịa -D -E-L -nIkEːn
or.Y prox -adv at.night strangle -res -fut -3sg or.Y stick -dim -acc fling.stone -fut -3sg go.away -pf.ptc -acc dist go.away -ep-nec.ptc -acc what -prog -ep-inch -sim.cvb
or.Y prox -adv у.ночь strangle -res -fut -3sg or.Y больной -dim -acc fling.камень -fut -3sg идти.прочь -pf.ptc -acc dist идти.прочь -ep-nec.ptc -acc что -prog -ep-inch -sim.cvb
Or he strangles (people) in the night, or else he'll throw splinters at them, and he starts to do that to those who leave, who are about to leave [...].
Или же ночью, он давит, или же кинет щепкой, который скоро уйдет.
Even ghost stories (1)
Tarańdʒal ekčil bičel, gadịdʒụr tutennikeːn, gadda-da-kka ehni [ude] hịrkaːń hučehne, [tač] tačịn dʒepte.
tar -ndʒE -L er -G(E)čIn -L bi -čE -L ga -RIdʒI -L tut -E-n -nIkEːn ga -R(E) -R(E) =dE =kkE e -R(E) -n(I) hịrkaːn -Č hut -E-s(E)n -R(E) tar -čIn dʒeb -R(E)
dist -aug -pl prox -sml -pl be -pf.ptc -pl take -ant.cvb -pl run -ep-mult -sim.cvb take -neg.cvb -nonfut(3pl) =ptl =emph neg -nonfut -3sg knife -ins stick.in -ep-lim -nonfut(3pl) dist -adv eat -nonfut(3pl)
dist -aug -pl prox -sml -pl быть -pf.ptc -pl взять -ant.cvb -pl бежать -ep-mult -sim.cvb взять -neg.cvb -nonfut(3pl) =ptl =emph neg -nonfut -3sg нож -ins больной.в -ep-lim -nonfut(3pl) dist -adv есть -nonfut(3pl)
They were such creatures, they would hunt and run, and when they hunted something down, they would stab it with the knife and ate like that.
Они были невозможные, бежали ловили добычу и ножом убивали, так и съедали.