Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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Cannibal story (1)
Tadụ dʒe ọlaldarịdʒị ile-de ŋendeŋi eče haːr.
tar -DU dʒe.Y ọlalda -RIdʒI ir -(dU)LE =dE ŋen -DEŋ -J e -čE haː -R(E)
dist -dat ptl.Y get.scared -ant.cvb which -loc =ptl go -pst.ptc -prfl.sg neg -pf.ptc know -neg.cvb
dist -dat ptl.Y получить.scared -ant.cvb который -loc =ptl идти -pst.ptc -prfl.sg neg -pf.ptc know -neg.cvb
He got scared then and didn't know where to go.
Так испугался и не знал, что делать.
The sacred reindeer (1)
Dʒụːlaj iːwče, ahịŋan ọlanča: "Erek ịak gerbew iːwendi?"
dʒụː -(dU)LE -J iː -U -čE asị -ŋ -E-n(I) ọlan -čE er -k ịa -k gerbe -W iː -U -R(E) -nrI
house -loc -prfl.sg come.in -tr -pf.ptc woman -aln -ep-poss.3sg be.scared -pf.ptc prox -nom what -nom name -acc come.in -tr -nonfut -2sg
дом -loc -prfl.sg прийти.в -tr -pf.ptc женщина -aln -ep-poss.3sg быть.scared -pf.ptc prox -nom что -nom name -acc прийти.в -tr -nonfut -2sg
He took him home. His wife was astonished. "What on earth have you brought home?"
Занес домой. Жена его удивилась. "Что это ты принес?"
Stories of God and the Devil (1)
Tar ietčelen orelderidʒiji, ọlaldača-da oreldeče-de, gọgahannị [laughter], tụːhanča.
tar iet -čE -LEn oren -ldE -RIdʒI ọl -E-ldE -čE =dE oren -ldE -čE =dE gọg -E-s(E)n -n(I) tụːsan -čE
dist hit -pf.ptc -nr get.happy -soc -ant.cvb get.scared -ep-soc -pf.ptc =ptl get.happy -soc -pf.ptc =ptl bark -ep-lim -3sg jump -pf.ptc
dist hit -pf.ptc -nr получить.счастливый -soc -ant.cvb получить.scared -ep-soc -pf.ptc =ptl получить.счастливый -soc -pf.ptc =ptl лаять -ep-lim -3sg прыгать -pf.ptc
And then, when he hit him, (the dog) was happy, well, out of fear or joy, he barked and jumped.