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Biblical stories (1)
Anŋanịla omnekeːn-ńun dʒalụri ọːŋannị, [tan] tar bekečen.
anŋan -(dU)LE omen -RE -KEːn =ńUn dʒalụ -RI ọː -ŋE -nrI tar bekeč -E-n(I)
year -loc one -iter -dim =only be.satiated -impf.ptc become -pol.imp -2sg dist all -ep-poss.3sg
год -loc один -iter -dim =only быть.satiated -impf.ptc become -pol.imp -2sg dist весь -ep-poss.3sg
You will be satiated only once a year, that's all.
В год один раз только будешь сыта.
The sacred reindeer (2)
Dʒe taraptụkụn dʒalụtnịkaːn bihi ọːča erek bej.
dʒe.Y tar -rEp -DUk(U) -n(I) dʒalụ -Č -nIkEːn bi -RI ọː -čE er -k bej
ptl.Y dist -temp.nr -abl -poss.3sg be.satiated -res -sim.cvb be -impf.ptc become -pf.ptc prox -nom man
ptl.Y dist -temp.nr -abl -poss.3sg быть.satiated -res -sim.cvb быть -impf.ptc become -pf.ptc prox -nom мужчина
Since that time, that man was never hungry.
С тех пор этот человек никогда не голодал.