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Even taboos and customs (1)
A to, kụŋaːl, kụŋaːŋị biwren tar bebe, ịak, [...] kụŋaː, ịak, beben ebit tar kaŋka tar tarrọːčịn, taraw enni [n], enni nọːdụwrar, kụŋaːŋịw.
a to.R kụŋaː -L kụŋaː -ŋI bi -Gr(E) -n(I) tar bebe ịa -k kụŋaː ịa -k bebe -n(I) e.Y -BIt.Y tar kaŋka tar tar -WEːčIn tar -W e -R(E) -n(I) e -R(E) -n(I) ńọːda -Gr(E) -R(E) kụŋaː -ŋI -W
and.R that.R child -pl child -pred.poss be -hab -3sg dist cradle what -nom child what -nom cradle -poss.3sg be.Y -past.ptc.Y dist children's.saddle dist dist -qual dist -acc neg -nonfut -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg throw -hab -nonfut(3pl) child -pred.poss -acc
and.R тот.R ребенок -pl ребенок -pred.poss быть -hab -3sg dist cradle что -nom ребенок что -nom cradle -poss.3sg быть.Y -past.ptc.Y dist children's.saddle dist dist -qual dist -acc neg -nonfut -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg бросать -hab -nonfut(3pl) ребенок -pred.poss -acc
And there, children, there's children's cradles and stuff there, children's cradles and saddles for children, like that (showing at the one in the hall), these he doesn't throw around, children's things.
Там находится и детская люлька, это странно он не бросает.