Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

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Glove and love (1)
Tačịn-takan meːne bičče, bičče.
tačịn=t(E)kEn meːne.Y bi-Č-čE bi-Č-čE
so=restr DP.Y be-RES-PF.PTC be-RES-PF.PTC
так=restr DP.Y быть-RES-ПРФ.ПРИЧ быть-RES-ПРФ.ПРИЧ
And she stayed like that.
Так и была.
Chat about an Evenki film (4)
bej -E-L -ŋI -W =t(E)kEn
man -ep-pl -pred.poss -acc =restr
мужчина -ep-pl -pred.poss -acc =restr
Only male?
Только мужское?
Cannibal story (4)
Tar gịa-narag ečin tutče.
tar gịa =n(E)rEg er -čIn tut -čE
dist other =restr prox -adv run -pf.ptc
dist другой =restr prox -adv бежать -pf.ptc
Only the other one came back running.
Вторая прибежала.
A conversation about Even culture (1)
Gọrịn-takan bičeːdʒin staːda tiːk-e?
gọr -In =t(E)kEn bi -čEːdʒI -n(I) stado.R tiek =E
distance -adv/-nr =restr be -prob -3sg herd.R now =q
distance -adv/-nr =restr быть -prob -3sg herd.R сейчас =q
Are the herds far away now?
А сейчас, далеко ли стада находятся?
Even taboos and customs (1)
Tarak, gerbe-tkehel bičel, dʒullerep.
tar -k gerbe =t(E)kEn -SEl bi -čE -L dʒul -(dU)LE -rEp
dist -nom name =restr -pl be -pf.ptc -pl front.side -loc -temp.nr
dist -nom name =restr -pl быть -pf.ptc -pl перед.сторона -loc -temp.nr
So, there were some names, before.
Even ghost stories (1)
Tala horče, erročin miestan-takan, dọldačalbụ.
tar -(dU)LE hor -čE er -WEːčIn mesto.R -n(I) =t(E)kEn dọlda -čE -L -W
dist -loc go.away -pf.ptc prox -qual place.R -poss.3sg =restr hear -pf.ptc -pl -acc
dist -loc идти.прочь -pf.ptc prox -qual место.R -poss.3sg =restr слышать -pf.ptc -pl -acc
He went there, only their place (was there), they must have heard (him).
Пошел туда, а они его вроде б услышали.
Tompo in Soviet times (1)
Mut ịlan bimi-regde hụldịt, Slepcoːp gerbe Pieter Vasilievič, Saharap [ini] Inakenti Pedorovič, ụọnna biː hụldịw.
mut ịlan bi -mI =rEgdE hụl -RI -t(I) Slepcov.R gerbe Petr.R Vasilevič.R Zakharov.R Innokentij.R Fedorovič.R uonna.Y biː hụl -RI -W
1pl.in three be -cond.cvb =restr remain -pst -poss.1pl.in Slepcov.R name Petr.R Vasilevič.R Zakharov.R Innokentij.R Fedorovič.R and.Y 1sg remain -pst -poss.1sg
1pl.в три быть -cond.cvb =restr остаться -pst -poss.1pl.в Slepcov.R name Petr.R Vasilevič.R Zakharov.R Innokentij.R Fedorovič.R and.Y 1sg остаться -pst -poss.1sg
Only three of us were left, Peter Vasilevič Slepcov, Fedor Innokent'evič, and I was left.
Нас было трое Слепцов Петр Васильевич, Захаров Федор Иннокентьевич и я. Нас осталось только трое. Слепцов Петр Васильевич, Захаров Иннокентий Федорович и я остались.
Pear story (5) (1)
Kojeːttin, taŋrịn, ịlan bičedukun, ịlan bičedukun karzịːna, dʒoːr-teken karzịːna.
kojeː -Č -RI -n(I) taŋ -RI -n(I) ịlan ịlan bi -čE -DUk(U) -n(I) ịlan bi -čE -DUk(U) -n(I) korzina.R dʒoːr =t(E)kEn korzina.R
look -res -pst -poss.3sg read -pst -poss.3sg - three three be -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg three be -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg basket two =restr basket
смотреть -res -pst -poss.3sg read -pst -poss.3sg - три три быть -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg три быть -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg basket два =restr basket
He looked, counted - out of three, out of three baskets, only two baskets (left)