Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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A conversation about Even culture (21)
Tarračịn, tarračịn.
tar -WEːčIn tar -WEːčIn
dist -qual dist -qual
dist -qual dist -qual
So, so.
Так, так.
Even ghost stories (2)
Tarračịn hịnmal.
tar -WEːčIn hịnma -L
dist -qual fast -pl
dist -qual быстрый -pl
They were so quick.
Вот, такие быстрые были.
The creation of animals (7)
"Ŋiː gerbe erroːčin bọlla?"
ŋiː gerbe er -WEːčIn buolla.Y
who name prox -qual ptl.Y
кто name prox -qual ptl.Y
"What on earth is that?"
Как тебя зовут, такого?
Biblical stories (5)
Tarrọːčịn bisni, goːniten.
tar -WEːčIn bi -R(E) -n(I) goːn -RI -tEn
dist -qual be -nonfut -3sg say -pst -poss.3pl
dist -qual быть -nonfut -3sg сказать -pst -poss.3pl
That's how it was, people say.
Такое было.
Bear story (2)
Tarwaːčịm eču dọldar.
tar -WEːčIn -W e -čE -W dọlda -R(E)
dist -qual -acc neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg hear -neg.cvb
dist -qual -acc neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg слышать -neg.cvb
I haven't heard of such a thing.
Я о таком не слышал.
Cannibal story (5)
Tarbačịn muttule [...] eču-de biː ọːk-ta dọldar ukčeːndiwuten ečin erbečen, ịak-kana ...
tar -WEːčIn mut -(dU)LE e -čE -W =dE biː ọːk =dE dọlda -R(E) ukčeːn -RI -W -tEn er -čIn er -WEːčIn ịa -k =kEnE
dist -qual 1pl.in -loc neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg =ptl 1sg when =ptl hear -neg.cvb tell -impf.ptc -acc -poss.3pl prox -adv prox -qual what -nom =contr
dist -qual 1pl.в -loc neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg =ptl 1sg когда =ptl слышать -neg.cvb говорить -impf.ptc -acc -poss.3pl prox -adv prox -qual что -nom =contr
I've never heard of such a thing in our region, that they would tell such things, mmh...
Я про такое у нас никогда не слышала, чтоб рассказывали такое.
The sacred reindeer (2)
"Taraŋị erek-te-kke iduk emče errečen?"
tarak -ŋ -J er -k =dE =kE ir -DUk(U) em -čE er -WEːčIn
dist -aln -prfl.sg prox -nom =ptl =emph which -abl come -pf.ptc prox -qual
dist -aln -prfl.sg prox -nom =ptl =emph который -abl прийти -pf.ptc prox -qual
"Where has it come from, like this?"
"Откуда он тут появился?"
Chat about an Evenki film (3)
Toːr ọjlan omniten tarak kịːna, tarrọːčịn kịːna aːtča.
toːr ọj -(dU)LE -n(I) omen -(G)I -tEn tar -k kino.R tar -WEːčIn kino.R aːtča
earth surface -loc -poss.3sg one -ord -poss.3pl dist -nom film.R dist -qual film.R neg.ex
earth поверхность -loc -poss.3sg один -ord -poss.3pl dist -nom film.R dist -qual film.R neg.ex
This movie is the first in the world, there is no (other) movie like that.
На земле это единственный фильм, такого нет.
Even taboos and customs (1)
A to, kụŋaːl, kụŋaːŋị biwren tar bebe, ịak, [...] kụŋaː, ịak, beben ebit tar kaŋka tar tarrọːčịn, taraw enni [n], enni nọːdụwrar, kụŋaːŋịw.
a to.R kụŋaː -L kụŋaː -ŋI bi -Gr(E) -n(I) tar bebe ịa -k kụŋaː ịa -k bebe -n(I) e.Y -BIt.Y tar kaŋka tar tar -WEːčIn tar -W e -R(E) -n(I) e -R(E) -n(I) ńọːda -Gr(E) -R(E) kụŋaː -ŋI -W
and.R that.R child -pl child -pred.poss be -hab -3sg dist cradle what -nom child what -nom cradle -poss.3sg be.Y -past.ptc.Y dist children's.saddle dist dist -qual dist -acc neg -nonfut -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg throw -hab -nonfut(3pl) child -pred.poss -acc
and.R тот.R ребенок -pl ребенок -pred.poss быть -hab -3sg dist cradle что -nom ребенок что -nom cradle -poss.3sg быть.Y -past.ptc.Y dist children's.saddle dist dist -qual dist -acc neg -nonfut -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg бросать -hab -nonfut(3pl) ребенок -pred.poss -acc
And there, children, there's children's cradles and stuff there, children's cradles and saddles for children, like that (showing at the one in the hall), these he doesn't throw around, children's things.
Там находится и детская люлька, это странно он не бросает.