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The creation of animals (1)
"Ọːn etteːj, biː ịaw bokoč ikiriwu-de urge, nandawu-da urge, ịnŋatu-da gabar."
ọːn et -DEː -J biː ịa -W bekeč ikiri -W =dE urge nanra -W =dE urge ịnŋat -W =dE gabar
how win -purp.cvb -prfl.sg 1sg what -acc all bone -poss.1sg =ptl hard hard skin -poss.1sg =ptl hard hair -acc =ptl prickly
как win -purp.cvb -prfl.sg 1sg что -acc весь кость -poss.1sg =ptl hard hard шкура -poss.1sg =ptl hard hair -acc =ptl prickly
"How would you beat me - my, all my bones are hard, my skin is hard, and my hair is prickly."
- Разве осилишь, у меня и кости тяжелые, и шкура тяжелая, и шерсть очень колючая.