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Tompo in Soviet times (2)
Tarakam bọllaːna tar [cough], əə, tadụ anị tar Popoːpie egin amardadụkụtnan ịal-karịa emditnen.
tarakam buollaγïna.Y tar əə tar -DU anï.Y tar Popov.R -IE egin.Y amar -dE -DUk(U) -tEn ịa -L =kErIE em -RI -tEn
then ptl.Y dist hesit dist -dat now.Y dist Popov.R -assoc.pl ptl.Y back.side -nr -abl -poss.3pl what -pl =contr come -pst -poss.3pl
тогда ptl.Y dist hesit dist -dat сейчас.Y dist Popov.R -assoc.pl ptl.Y назад.сторона -nr -abl -poss.3pl что -pl =contr прийти -pst -poss.3pl
Then, there, now, erm, after Popov and his companion, some other people arrived.
После Поповых это было, приехали какие-то.