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The creation of animals (2)
"O, gudʒeje, tarpač."
o gudʒej tarbač
oh poor ptl
oh poor ptl
"Oh, poor you!"
- О, жалко.
Even taboos and customs (2)
Tar, anị 'abaga', ịak, emie tar 'gudʒehiw'...
tar anï.Y abaga ịa -k emie.Y tar gudʒej
dist now.Y grandfather what -nom again.Y dist poor
dist сейчас.Y дед что -nom снова.Y dist poor
So, then, (sc. bear is called) 'grandfather', and also 'poor soul'...
И тоже, (медведя) "дедушка", тоже "бедный (жалкий)"...
Black force and White force (1)
"Tiemi biː hinu ńọːbatịčaːm, uŋdʒim, egdʒem moːw moːdewkeːndʒim, hịːkụkaːndʒịm, hinu eːjehemkeːndʒim", goːnče.
tiemi biː hin -W ńọːbatị -KEːn -W uŋ -DʒI -m egdʒen -W moː -W moːde -WkEːn -DʒI -m hịːk -WkEːn -DʒI -m -m hin eːje -s(E)n -WkEːn -DʒI -m goːn -čE
therefore 1sg 2sg.obl -acc white -dim -acc hesit -fut -1sg big -acc water -acc poor.out -caus -fut -1sg tumble -caus -fut -1sg -fut -1sg flow -lim -caus -fut -1sg say -pf.ptc
therefore 1sg 2sg.obl -acc белый -dim -acc hesit -fut -1sg большой -acc вода -acc poor.из -caus -fut -1sg tumble -caus -fut -1sg -fut -1sg flow -lim -caus -fut -1sg сказать -pf.ptc
"Then, you little White Force, I will thingo you, I will raise a big flood (lit. make big water pour out), churn it (lit. make it tumble [you]), and drown you. (lit. make you flow/float)", he said.
- Тогда я утоплю тебя, белую силу, я сделаю так, что будет наводнение и утоплю тебя, - говорит.